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Shimano MT200 B01S Brake Pads

Shimano MT200 B01S Brake Pads

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  • Excellent for any braking system, maximum performance and stability in dry or wet conditions.

  • Optimum heat dissipation that offers effective protection for disc brakes.

  • Material: resin and semi-metallic

  • Suitable for : C501/BR-M575/BR-M525/BR-M486/BR-M485/BR-M475/BR-M465/BR-M447/BR-M446/BR-B445/BR-M416\BR-M416A/BR-M415/BR-M395/BR-M375/BR-M35S/BR-675/BR-T615

  • Compatible with Deore BR-M615 and previous generations as well as most Alivio, Acera.


  • Length: 30.5mm, height: 35mm, thickness: 4mm

Package Includes:

  • 1  Pair brake pad, 2 type split pins, 1 Spring

Please know your brake type before purchasing. Feel free to ask if you need help determining the brake pads you need.

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