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Brake Disc Rotor

Brake Disc Rotor

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120mm/5 holes : For Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro/Pro2 Electric Scooter
120mm/6 holes:These discs are original discs for both front and rear wheel of VSETT 9/9+ and ZERO 8X, and only for front wheel of ZERO 9. They can be equipped on many other scooters too, just make sure your original disc is 120mm too, and the key parameter is distance from hole centre to hole centre: 44mm.
140mm(both models): For ZERO 10X 10 VDM Universal for DUALTRON KAABO Mantis OXO.(Most of ZERO 10X and ZERO 10 equipped 140mm disc, but not 100%, so please check your scooter's disc to make sure you purchase a right size.)
160mm(both models):These discs are originals equipped on VSETT 11+ and ZERO 11X/SPEEDUAL Plus electric scooters, they can be equipped on many other scooters too.

 180mm: bicycle disc brake rotor


  • Original 120/140/160/180 mm Disc Brake Rotor for bike and escooter
  • Perfect flatness and incredibly smooth, wonderful brake performance, precise manufacture and perfect user experience!
  • it is very hard and thick, resistant to collision and not easily deformed. 
  • The brake disc pad can reduce brake dust build-up on wheels.
  • Circulates air around brakes so as to help heat dissipation.


  • Size:120mm/140mm/160/180 mm
  • 6 hole/ 5 hole disc brake rotor

Package Includes:

  • 1  x rotor with screws
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